Privacy Policy

FlowerDesire respects the privacy of its customers and takes utmost care in protecting their personal information. Summarized below is the privacy policy of FlowerDesire:

1.      We at FlowerDesire will collect some personal information like name, address, phone no., email id, payment information, age, sex or some other preferences.

2.      Personal information of the recipient might also be needed to the tune of recipients name, address, phone no., occasion, email id etc.

3.      This personally identifiable information is collected from the users to ensure proper delivery of products, identification and authentication of customers, promotion of FlowerDesire and intimation of various deals, discounts and gift vouchers.

4.      When you provide us with personal information you consent with us that we can use this information in accordance with FlowerDesire Privacy Policy.

5.      The payment details will be shared with our banking partners for smooth processing of customers orders. We have ensured that all the third parties with whom such information will be shared will also protect the privacy of personal information.

6.      Any sensitive information will not be inquired by FlowerDesire.

7.      Certain non-personally identifiable information will also be collected with the use of cookies. Cookies are files stored in your computer browser and will store your preferences. You can disable the cookies in your computer browser if do not want such information to be collected.

8.      The non-personally identifiable information can be the type of web pages you visit on the website, the time spent on each page and how you use the website.

9.      This non-personal information will be used to increase user’s experience on the website.

10.  If any user registers on the website it will be assumed that he/she consents for the use of personal and non-personal information collected.

11.  The distributors of the product and banking partners will use the information collected and customer’s consent will be implicit.

12.  Personal information such as phone number and email can be used to send promotional messages and offer details.

13.  FlowerDesire can make changes to its Privacy Policy and same will b uploaded on the website or will be intimated by email.

14.  For any questions and clarifications related to Privacy Policy please contact us at


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Team FlowerDesire