Occasion with Flowers


Occasion with Flowers

Celebrate the Special Occasion with Flowers:

How to make a grand show of the special day marking a special occasion? The answer is simple – say it or do it with flowers. Flowers speak a language of their own. Without flowers no special celebration is complete. Flowers are a must for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers and birthdays. Grim corporate meetings are lightened and made heady with flowers kept in the middle of the conference table. Flowers make occasions light and gay – add the humane touch to grim mundane happenings. Emma Goldman aptly said “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”. There is a Chinese proverb that asserts when in the world you have left nothing more than two coins, buy a bread loaf with one coin and with the other buy a lily. Ralph Waldo Emmerson said flowers proudly assert “that a ray of beauty out-values all the utilities of the world”.

It’s of little surprise then that flower business is big business in today’s world. The passion for flowers far from dying out has hitched on to the Internet Age with gusto. One has little time in this fast age to physically attend all occasions and celebrations. Flowers sent online makes up for the absence. Flowers do all the talking. Online you can consult with experts what flowers should be sent for which occasion and then merely by clicking you order and pay; the flowers will reach destination on the scheduled at the correct address timely. It’s nothing sort of a miracle – the ancient method of flower language through modern Internet tools!

The alphabet represents the sound and the letters arranged properly form a word that connects with a meaning. It is the same in the world of flowers. There are special flowers and specific arrangements for the special days. The Apple Blossom speaks of good fortune, the Balm conveys sympathy, The Bells-of-Ireland wishes good luck, the Buttercup assures riches, the Bluebell whispers a thank you, the Carnation reminds one of love eternal, the Cattail spreads the message of peace with prosperity and a single Cherry Blossom will speed on the recipient on a path of higher education. The Scarlet Geranium is a message of condolence, the Myrtle holds a very special place in Hebrew marriage and the Orange Blossom stands for faithfulness. Palm Leaves is congratulatory on success and victory. Do you want to send a love wish? Then send the Red Rose without hesitation.

Flowers vibrate emotions and passions. When the fingers grasp the living flower – touches its stem then one feels its newborn vigour with awe. Nature has scattered flowers carelessly all along our path from mountain tops to the shores of oceans. Even in the desert the cactus blooms. The seasons are the special occasions of Mother Nature and for each cycle she has her stock of specific blossoms. The flowers attract the bees and insects as the chain is set in motion for man to reap the harvest of plenty.

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