Perfect Gift: Cake & Flowers

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Cakes with Flowers are the best gift one can give or receive :)

The Perfect Gifts are Cakes and Flowers:

Cakes and Flowers are the perfect gifts for all occasions. Why do we offer gifts? What is the psychology? The smile and frown are ways of communicating; so too, by offering gifts we convey our feelings. Through gift-giving we transfer positive vibrations. This custom is ancient and universal. It expresses gratitude, appreciation, fellow-feeling and a desire to strengthen bonds. Associate Professor Devin A. Byrd of Savannah South University commented, “There is the whole act – determining what needs to be given and making sure it fits with the person. There is an emotional lift when searching for the gift”. There is a note of altruism because the general idea is that giving is better than receiving. Giving of gifts makes one feel good inwardly while doing something outwardly. It reduces any feelings of guilt if the relationship had been marred previously by any act of distaste. With the debut of online technology gifting has become easier and more popular than ever before. There are other angles to this game of giving gifts. There is an expectation of getting gifts in return! Gifts act as ambassadors. When dignitaries of two nations meet to discuss important matters the atmosphere is eased by the offering of gifts. History is full of incidents of defeated enemies offering their choicest best to the conquerors in order to pacify and placate.

Today there is no dearth of occasions that call for gifting – birth of new born, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, get-together parties and even funerals. The participants want to express their happiness at being able to attend and what better way than to walk in with a bunch of flowers and a box of cakes? Even if you are not physically able to be present you can send the gifts online by contacting the florist and or the confectioner. Some sites have all options under one umbrella. Experts will be able to guide the sender about the right type of flowers or best choice of cakes.

Flower gifts may be of many types – garland, bouquets, wreaths or a single rose. Flowers do the talking – love, apology, support or remembrance. Traditions vary from one culture to another. The language of flowers is known as floriography. Stories, myths and history indicates that in ancient times among the Chinese, Hindus, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Persians, Mesopotamians and others gifting flowers was a common custom. Flowers have been linked with gods – we gift flowers to the gods with a message tucked between the petals.

 The next best gift to offer is a cake. In fact cakes and flowers tango together – will make the recipient happiest. This baked sweet dessert is a mouth watering delight. There are many types of cakes from simple sponge cakes to tiered ones layered with cream, chocolate and or vanilla custard or pineapple slices. Cakes are sometimes loaded with fruits and nuts. Icing on top of the cake makes them more delectable. Cakes are no longer the monopoly of the West but have permeated all cultures making it a toast for all seasons and occasions.

Thinking about what will be best choice of a gift for any occasion? It could be either cakes or flowers; better still couple cakes with seasonal flowers and enter the party with confidence. Your gifts will steal the show.