Flowers spell Happiness

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Yes! Flower is the second name of Happiness :)

Flowers Spell Happiness in Life:

Flowers have always interested and intoxicated Man and the passion continues. We all know that flowers spell happiness in life but without the hype first let us try to find out what flowers are. Scientists will say that flowers are the seed bearing part of a plant containing the reproductive organs. For Mother Nature the purpose of all that colour and fragrance is multiplication; plain and simple its sex. But the poet will say – its love. Love and lust are two different ways of looking at the reproduction game.  The philosopher will say that this game of multiplication, of reproduction is for breeding of more flowers and that means more happiness. The world in all its fury of colours, smell, textures, sounds and taste are for humans to enjoy. The butterfly flitting across the blue sky is a flying flower. But remember – the butterfly cannot see and appreciate itself. The rose cannot smell itself. But humans can. They alone can experience the joy of this myriad tapestry of the world carpet laid out before it and pen it down or paint it, sing it and unfold it in a frenzy of joy, happiness and sharing. No wonder Heinrich Heine said, “Perfumes are the feelings of the flower”.

Even the stiffest expression will break into a smile if gifted with a bouquet of flowers. That is why Tennessee Williams sang – “The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks”. If violets can make hard rocks break into a smile what of the hardest meanest human being; such is the power of flowers. The funeral scene across the world is invariably strewn with flowers. Why? Flowers have the power to lighten the gloom and bring down the happiness into the darkness of the earth.

Flowers translate into happiness. What is happiness? Generally happiness is subjective. To the tiger the deer means happiness but to the deer happiness is the green grass. In the case of relationship between flowers and human beings the words ‘flowers’ and ‘happiness’ are interchangeable. This has been so since the dawn of human civilization. Flowers have always been there – a surfeit of it, but only humans have been able to express their positive feelings through flowers. Flowers look good. Flowers feel good. Flowers smell good. The touch of flowers is soothing. Do flowers taste good? Among many cultures there are a dishes prepared from particular types of flowers.

Each type of flower has a distinct message.  During the Victorian Age books were written on this so that the giver and recipient could understand this flower language. It was the equivalent of today’s brief SMS messages! But always it had to do with expression of happiness. Flowers convey positive vibrations and sentiments. The giving of flowers has been mentioned in the Bible. Flowers adorn everything from room decoration to the red rose in the lapel of the coat. Friendly nations shake hands with flowers. Garlands of flowers are exchanged between ethnic brides and grooms to seal life time’s bond. So cheers to the flowers that introduce us to the joy of acquaintance of the colours of the rainbow.